Welcome to the United States Championships Circuit

United States Championship Circuit Mission Statement

Winning a United States Dancesport title is the fulfillment of a dream backed by talent, training, drive, and dedication. If you strive to realize your potential by becoming a United States Champion, The United States Championship Circuit Events are for you!

Challenge yourself on the circuit that culminates in America’s most prestigious event – The United States Dance Championships (USDC), where U.S. Champions are crowned and dance legends begin.

• Golden Star DanceSport Championships – 
Organized by Delyan Terziev & Boriana Deltcheva

• Heritage Classic Dancesport Championships – 
Organized by Colin & Joy Hillary

• Southern States Dancesport Championships – 
Organized by Larry & Dianne Dean
• San Diego Ballroom Beach Bash – Organized by Jonathan Roberts, Michael Mead, and Toni Redpath

• Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships – 
Organized by Wayne & Donna Eng

• Colorado Star Ball Championships – 
Organized by Richard & Jennifer Booth
• Millennium Dancesport Championships – Organized by Michael Chapman

• Manhattan Dance Championships – 
Organized by Gary & Diana McDonald
• Virginia State Dancesport  Championships – Organized by Rosendo Fumero

• Capital Danceport Championships – 
Organized by John DePalma & Marianne Nicole

• Embassy Ballroom Championships – 
Organized by Brian & Kristi McDonald, Gary McDonald and Jason McDonald
• Southwestern Invitational DanceSport Championships – Organized by David & Jennifer Kloss
• Boston BCC – Organized by Chris Johnston & Frank Miranda

• Grand National Championships – 
Organized by Peter & Cassandra Schneider

• Caribbean Dancesport Classic – 
Organized by Chris Johnston & Didio Barrera
• Ohio Star Ball Championships – Organized by Sam Sodano

• Holiday Dance Classic Championships – 
Organized by Wendy Johnson, Sam Sodano & Mary Murphy

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